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intersections of dimensionality worlds
in the color representations
that's all what needs to be communicated by artist
color & image
image & light

Sergey Vedernikov

Sergey Vedernikov the artist who is absorbing our life and splashing out bright color in streams first-matter from which there are New Worlds shining from within, powerful, volumetric, deep.

Vedernikovs pictures it's a creative emotional break to the New Reality which concentrated on a canvas and have been not constrained by frameworks of daily perception...

The sated abstraction, multivariate imagery, arising of color parities, force to be released from daily and to go to deep, undercover processes hidden under a cover unconscious.

Beholding materialization the worlds created by this remarkable master everyone who is capable open the consciousness can meet with himself and merge with Breath of the Life...

Hanna Bau, arts critic 2006

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